Why Our Protection Plans?

Drive away worry free knowing not only is your vehicle protected but so is your wallet with our available protections.

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Vehicle Service Protection

Ever have an unexpected mechanical breakdown? Where will I send my vehicle? Who’s going to repair it? How can I trust them? How will I get the vehicle to the repair shop? How much will it cost me? How will I pay for it? What will I drive while it’s is getting repaired? How will I get to work or pick up the kids? These are all questions we ask ourselves and the best solution is having a Vehicle Service Contract. One Call, That’s All you need, just call the # on your contract that you always keep in your glove box. They will get you roadside assistance (your covered), they will have it go to the dealership or nearest ASE certified repair shop (who will warranty the repairs they make), and you get a loaner vehicle to drive while repairs are being made. The cost for covered repairs is $0 at our dealership and only $100 deductible at any other ASE certified repair shop. No stress, no questions, Just Solutions!

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GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)

We are here for you to protect against financial loss due to theft, natural causes, or collision. Insuring what insurances don’t. Most insurances only reimburse you the current market value of your vehicle not including balances and/or deductibles leading to costs out of your pocket. For example; say you purchased a vehicle for $25,000 and you still owe $20,000 when vehicle was in a collision causing total loss. Your insurance company values your vehicle for only $16,000. If you do not have GAP Protection you would have to pay the remaining balance of $4,000 plus deductibles, towing, and other charges all out-of-YOUR-pocket. With GAP that remaining balance is covered including your deductible up to $1,000. Keep in mind that the scenario above can change depending on vehicle values. So, is it worth buying GAP Protection? Well can you afford to pay the difference out of pocket if your vehicle is totaled?

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Exterior and Interior Protection

You just purchased your vehicle, you love it and want to have it looking great for years to come but life gets in the way. You’re driving and have suddenly brake, the coffee splashes, the kids drop their milk and juice, luckily everyone is great, but your vehicle it’s STAINED! You can’t stop in the middle of the road to clean it, so at your next stop you try to wipe it down but no luck. No Worries, Our Exterior and interior protection is designed to protect your vehicle from incidents and elements from your recent outdoor adventure to a simple rainy day. Weather damage, tears, spills, aging, and fading repairs are not only highly expensive to repair but also bring down the value of your vehicle. Where do you go? Who do you call? If any covered damage or staining does occur just One Call, That’s All you need, and a mobile interior repair technician is sent to your home, work, or school. They fix the problem right then and there, or if you prefer bring it by our dealership and we can get it handled. Our Goal is to make sure you are Protected! No Worries, No Out-of-Pocket Costs, Just Solutions!

Call Us at 262-731-0000 to keep your vehicle Looking Great!
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