Out of State Buying - EASY. SIMPLE. FAST.

ENE Motors is proud to offer one of the best out of state sales experiences to our customers. Car buying has changed and at ENE Motors you will experience how car-buying should be all the time. Each of our vehicles is specially selected and priced thousands below retail. Unlike other dealerships, we do not have 100 staff members, franchise fees, or other unnecessary costs. Instead, we offer a no-hassle, ultimate car-buying experience that is quick, smooth and saves you time and money.

When buying from out of state we have several options available for you to enjoy the vehicle you choose. Our client services can arrange free airport pick-up from Milwaukee (MKE) airport or Chicago O’Hare (ORD) airport. We can also pick you up from one of the local train stations or for our Michigan customers we can pick you up from the Milwaukee Ferry. Afterward, our client services can help with the rest of your trip. We will assist with hotel stay, tourist attraction and anything else to make your trip fun and relaxing. When you arrive at the dealership we will have your vehicle and paperwork ready. You can take your vehicle home or just come check it out and we can ship it to you.

No time to come to us, no worries! ENE Motors transports over 50 vehicles per month. We have strong relationships with transporters so we can offer the best shipping prices from local to global. We can meet or beat your shipping needs. Check out our shipping page for more details and our shipping calculator.

Stressed out-- we know how it is-- but it no longer has to be that way.

Give us a call at 262-731-0000 we have your vehicle ready!

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